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Here is a list of some excellent websites which can be used for research into credit and risk. Some of the articles also make excellent material for classroom discussions during the courses.

www.erisk.com A high-quality website. If you have not already registered, do so now and receive the weekly newsletter. The Risk Jigsaw is an excellent piece of work.
www.ft.com A 'must' for all credit analysts. Well worth the monthly subscription to gain access to previous FT articles.
www.bankofengland.co.uk Informative website about the Bank's activities. Financial Stability Review available on pdf file.
The websites of two of the leading credit rating agencies.
www.icm.org Website for the largest professional credit management organisation in Europe.
www.asb.org.uk Keep up to date on the accounting standards. The FAQs for students also makes good reading.
www.companyreporting.co.uk Influential in monitoring the quality and disclosure of information provided by UK companies.
www.governance.co.uk Covers all aspects of corporate governance.
www.exinfm.com A comprehensive range of financial managment material available in the Training Centre.
www.economist.com An excellent survey of risk can be found at www.economist.com/surveys under the Business category.