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Loan Documentation and Syndicated Loans


A two-day course designed for both bankers and borrowers who require an understanding of the practical and legal issues involved in negotiating loan agreements. The course also examines the issues surrounding security and the different types of insolvency regimes round the world.

Course Dates

Course Programme:

The importance of documentation
  • The purpose of documentation
  • Legally-binding contracts
  • Intention of parties
  • Key Documents: credit agreement, term sheets and prospectus
Debt instruments and documentation
  • Types of advance and facility
  • Term loans, revolving credits, committed/uncommitted
  • The syndicated loans market: the transaction cycle
  • Overview of key clauses and provisions

    Case study: Term sheet for acquisition finance
Loan agreement: Factual information
  • Key payment obligations : advances, pricing and repayment
  • Multicurrency agreements
  • Governing Law
  • Other provisions
Loan agreement: Credit Issues
  • Conditions precedent
  • Representations and warranties
  • Covenants and undertakings: positive and negative
  • Events of default
  • Guarantees and letters of support
Syndicated Loans
  • Role of agent and arranger
  • Rights of participating banks
  • Transfers: assignment, novation and sub-participation
  • Secondary loan market

    Case study: syndicated loan agreement
  • Priority ranking
  • Different types of security
  • Clauses in security documentation
  • Granting and perfecting collateral
  • Asset-based transactions
Insolvency Issues
  • Insolvency regimes
  • Distress and insolvency procedures
  • Bankruptcy remoteness
  • Schemes of arrangement