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Money Laundering Avoidance


To introduce participants to the universal pervasiveness of the crime of money laundering, to focus their attention on the reputational damage an institution can suffer from association with money launderers and fraudsters, and to satisfy the regulatory requirement of addressing the responsibilities of the individual and the institution in this regard.

Course Dates

Course Topics

  • The regulatory and legal bodies ranged against fraud and laundering, domestic, international and the Financial Action Task Force

  • Legal obligations of the individual/employee and of the employer

  • Introduction of customer, and account-opening procedures

  • Retail financial services and areas of special vulnerability

  • Susceptibilities in the wholesale markets

  • How criminals use apparently legitimate businesses as a front for laundering

  • Hawala, the chit, chop and fie chien systems - alternative banking

  • Offshore banking, unregulated areas, and jurisdictions of current high risk

  • Case studies in appropriate private banking, corporate and commercial banking, trade finance, wholesale markets and in the corporate and non-bank sectors to highlight the threat.

Delivery will be by Martin Russell TD FCT. For further details see www.russellandassociates.co.uk