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Client Feedback



"I was completely satisfied with the quality and even more with the relevance of the course. It covered in detail all aspects of my job."

"Overall great!"

"Excellent course. Real life and practical. The course goes well beyond an introduction to credit skills and has a wide perspective."

"Very good, especially with the input from you two together [Ian McIsaac and Martin Russell] and also by the experience-sharing that you encouraged from other members of the group."

"Certainly Ian is a very skilled trainer and pleasant to have as a tutor."

"Actually getting round the accounts was set out so that everyone could see them. It was well explained and the tasks given showed that the participants took on board what was said."

"Very good choice of exercises to follow up the instruction."

"Very good alteration between Powerpoint, flip chart and group discussion."

"The course met the objectives very well."



Al Ahli United Bank

Alexander Forbes Insurance Services

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait

British Telecom

CEL, Hong Kong

China Light and Power

Commerzbank International

Crown Agents

Depfa Bank

Euler Trade Indemnity

European Investment Bank

Erste Bank


Hong Kong Polytechnic University

IBM Global Financing

KBW Advertising


Lloyds TSB

Marks & Spencer

Nordea Bank


Singer & Friedlander

Standard Chartered

Swire Group

United Bank of Kuwait



"Excellent, well-delivered course which improved my knowledge and understanding."

"Excellent communicating style and easy to understand."

"Ian showed an enthusiasm that was contagious."

"Enjoyed it very much. The combination of theory with practical applications was important for learning."

"I try to gauge the usefulness of a course on the basis of when I next use any of the techniques shown. I'd achieved this by 10.10 am the following day by doing a cash flow statement on an appeals case."

"Good mix of discussion, exercise and syndicate work."

"Information delivered in a very professional manner."



"This was a focussed event. I found the entire presentation most valuable."

"The instruction in critical asessment of financial data and the explanation of technical financial terms was excellent."

"A very informative initial insight into this field."

"Well presented course on a potentially 'dry' subject."

"This course showed that financial statements can be fun!"



"Thank you for all the work you have done for us on the Account Profiles. The analysis provided us with really useful focal points on how to take the accounts forward. All the account managers said how much they enjoyed the sessions and found the presentations excellent in briefing others going into the accounts."